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October to December

October to December

This is the best time to travel to London not from the weather point of view, but because of wide range of events to take place from October till December as the time of celebrations is on for Christmas and New Year too. London is quiet a fascinating city with volley of events taking place and people enjoy with great music and fun. During this time, probably the time to wear shorts is over by then as chill is about to start. 

These months has plenty of great London events to offer exciting the tourists those who are there in the capital city or even those who are planning to visit. Even your family can be treated with a range of London events.

This is the time when events and festivals like Halloween, Christmas and New Year are just round the corner and thus people tend to celebrate all these festivals and occasions with great pomp and show therefore, this is the best time to celebrate events like:
•    Lord Mayor Show
•    Spirit of Christmas Fair

Shopping Near Mansion House:
This is the time to celebrate Halloween for which a range of shopping has to be done. Moreover, Christmas and New Year also allows you to shell a lot from your pocket in terms of gifts, clothing, on house decorations etc.

As far as shopping near Mansion House is concerned, there are varieties of stores around.
•    Ted Baker & Friends
This cool fashion label in London has taken the shopping experience to a different level as this is the right place to buy the most trendy and fashionable stuff. You can even visit the in house tailor in order to get your clothing custom made. 
•    Leadenhall Market
This restored Victorian covered market sells all kinds of traditional stuff ranging from poultry, meat and fish. It’s not only a scenic market but also sells some of the finest food stuff in the capital city.